Voice Analytics for Alexa Skills and Google Actions

Add analytics to your voice-first app in 10 minutes with Frictionless Analytics.  Actionable and insightful analytics built from the ground up for the unique demands of voice apps.  Built by developers for developers.

Real-time Data, Actionable Insights

We are developers- we get it.  Start using Voice Analytics for free today.

Frictionless Voice Analytics provides real-time and accurate data to developers and marketers about how consumers are engaging with their voice-first apps and devices.  Get real-time data and actionable insights for your Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Actions.

Improve your user experiences through data-driven decisions.

Built for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Voice-first app and voice enabled devices are the new touch.

The new paradigm for interacting with apps is everywhere and evolving quickly.  But it is also challenging to navigate this new platform to build great and sticky apps.  There are new constraints and pitfalls that developers must understand and overcome.  The usual app tools will not do and you need a voice-first set of analytics to help guide the way.  Frictionless Voice Analytics allows you to gain the insight you need to continuously improve your voice apps and voice enabled devices.

Groundbreaking and Insightful

Voice enabled conversations are a brand new consumer model

The complexities of voice first experiences are as varied as they are numerous.  Successfully building an app that solves real problems requires true insight into user behavior and interactions.  The key to a good app is continuous evolution and improvement guided by powerful and accurate analytical insights.  Frictionless Voice Analytics is a powerful tool to help achieve that mission.  Because we are still in beta, we are offering access to Frictionless Voice Analytics for free.  Hop in and help us build a great product together.

From Install to Analytics in 10 minutes

Our SDK was built to install easily and get your analytics data flowing quickly.  We are developers and understand what developers need.  Getting started is easy and pushing the envelope for advanced usage is just as easy.  Our goal is to provide you with the best product usage insights possible for you and your team.

Analytics for Amazon Alexa Skills

Amazon Alexa is a very unique platform, and our analytics are tuned to provide you with the best insights to tune and improve your voice experiences.  Learn more about our Alexa Skill Development.

Google Assistant Skills

Google Assistant is a world-class voice enabled platform with it’s own quirks and nuances.  Frictionless Voice Analytics will empower you to understand everything you need to know about your users.  Learn more about our Google Assistant Action development.

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